Producers … Songwriters … Players

You can now hire me to play on your project directly through this web site. Whether it is a master session, jingle or song demo, I have the studio, the instruments and the recording equipment to provide the best sound for your project. I specialize in acoustic instruments – guitar, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, Cuban tres… but am accomplished on electric instruments as well. Whatever your needs -- stereo acoustic guitar parts, electric rhythm parts, screaming electric guitar, flowing finger-picking behind a singer --- this is the place to come.

I have been recording music in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, for almost 20 years in many styles - pop, rock, jazz, country, latin, symphonic and more. Through years of studio experience with some of the best engineers in the business, I have learned how to mic instruments to record the sounds needed for any project.

My studio has a fully padded, ultra-quiet room for recording acoustic instruments, allowing me to keep recordings quiet and noise-free. Listen to the samples provided and hear for yourself why this is the place to be for your next project.